I just came back from an amazing trip to Mallorca, where I spent a few days for an article about couchsurfing. I arrived late on friday june 29th and headed over to my first host’s place, which is located in the old city center near the cathedral. Asier is a very funny and nice guy and we ended up dancing all night long. Next day he showed me his favorite beach in the very south of the island which was awesome. It’s a little more work to get there, but it was worth it. I spent a great day with my next host, Max. She took me with her to her sailing class, where I got a free motorboat ride and a lot of nice beach views. Sunday was the night of the European Championship final game and I headed over to Cala Major in the west of Palma de Mallorca. Robert, my next host stayed at a friend’s place and invited me to join them. I actually found out, that this place is the so called “Ghetto” of Palma, which didn’t change anything for me. As you all know-Spain won and it was a great party. We shared the room, that was actually more of a balcony, with a chicken, a rabbit and a turtle and a couple of tomato plants. I watched one of the most beautiful sunsets of my life close to Valldemossa with a nice view on Sa Foradada, which is a rock in the water with a hole inside. Next day I spent more time on beautiful beaches taking pictures before meeting up with Mel from Bremen, Germany, who is a diving teacher in Port Andratx. She got me super tasty Mojitos and a great couch to stay for the night. Normally, I wouldn’t have visited so many hosts in such a short time, but for my article, I wanted to meet as many people as possible and it was a great experience.

I just wish, I could have spent more time with every single host. The last day I headed over to Pedro’s place. He’s a funny guy and originally from Asturias in the north of Spain. He made great dinner and we talked about couchsurfing and some other private stuff on his balcony. I had breakfast the last day at the airport and really felt ok about saying goodbye, but it is also strange on the other side. Having entered people’s lives and disappearing almost the same moment. If you like to hear Robert singing, check out the video!