This week has been really awesome so far. I am joining a class for journalistic writing, if that translates. So, on monday we introduced ourselves and started with writing short news. We had a lot of fun finding synonyms for simple verbs like “to walk” or “to eat” and Detlef Kühn – the teacher – has a great sense of humor. On tuesday we went to “Spicy’s”, a spice museum in Hamburgs HafenCity.
A really inspiring place to be! Did you know, that Safran is called “The laughing dead”? Only ten gram would kill you – having the best time of your life! Also I learned that a big company – well known for it’s brown sugary caffeine soft drink – is the world’s largest consumer of bourbon vanilla. It’s a soft drug, but makes you totally addicted! It’s also an aphrodisiac.

Today I had the chance to do some research for a reportage I had to write. A class member and I went to a church boat. They also have a small boat – called Barkasse – they use to visit all the boat people from all over the world stuck in Hamburg harbor for a while. They offer spiritual support as well as the latest newspaper – even in Czech –, some chocolate and fresh fruits. The guy on the left – Manfred Jahnke – is kind of a priest.

In the picture on the right you can see the two skippers – Henry (69) and Manni (71). They are cute old guys and I really enjoyed their company. Henry sometimes said stuff like “Don’t you know that? You don’t know anything!” though, but I can live with that! I am almost done with my reportage and glad I had the chance to meet those really lovely people!