I always wanted to see, where Ötzi was found. Unfortunately I just made it close – let’s say VERY close – to that place. But I had the chance to experience something very special instead. On wednesday I traveled to Ötztal, Austria to write an article about a night at an igloo hotel for our travel magazine. Igloo hotel & cableway in Hochoetz
You can get there very easily by public transportation. Go to Ötz first and then take the cableway up to the mountains. It’s amazing. Just 8 minutes later you find yourself at an altitude of 2000 meters. It’s just a five minutes walk to the snow village with the igloos. In the first picture you can see the view from the cableway station to the igloo hotel. In the background the awesome Austrian Alps! Civic center snow village and entrance to number 3 – my igloo for the night!Guide Ingo was already awaiting me and showed me around in the small village. All igloos are made of snow. The igloos are built by using big balloons they bury under tons of snow before removing the balloons again. Et voilà, a snow house is built! Of course, it’s not that simple, but a lot of work, I guess. You can visit the igloo hotel from the end of december till the beginning of april. They build all that stuff new every year. Ingos dog Lestat – named after the vampire – was also around. He looks like a wolf, as you can see in the next picture. The only guests were Laura and Marcel, a couple from Switzerland. We had lots of fun enjoying fondue and chatting at the campfire. LestatWe went out for a walk to a mountain where we had this incredible view you can see in the last picture. Ötztal at night. Just wonderful! You can hardly hear any sounds from downhill. The air was fresh and there were millions of stars in the sky. Also, it was a really great experience spending the night in the mountains without any other people around. Oetztal at nightBut they came back for skiing next morning, ha! The temperature in the igloo is not that bad – round about 0 degrees Celsius – and they give you a very good and comfy sleeping bag. Also, they have a sauna in the snow village you are free to use before heading to bed. I cannot really manage to sleep in a sleeping bag very well, but it was ok and unexpectedly warm during the night. If you ever get the chance to spend a night in an igloo hotel – take it!