This was kind of a road movie! I have a crazy relationship to Norway. Actually I have relatives there! But found out pretty late, which is a long story… I’ve been there only once before, more than ten years ago. This time I could go there for work. I flew into Bergen first, where my cousin picked me up from the airport. This city is just beautiful. And I really love my aunt Helena!

We spent just short time together, but my cousin Bror, his girlfriend Gunel and Gunel’s brother Behram, who lives in Oslo, took me to a little village outside of Bergen still in Hordaland, which is called Havretunet. It’s really pretty. I left Bergen to drive along the coast all the way up to Oslo. I stopped at some points in between and spent a night in a cabin at Lofthus Camping right next to the Hardangerfjord. It’s amazingly beautiful. From Lofthus I made it to Stavanger, where a friend of mine ended up somehow. Crazy things like love, you know … We used to party together 15 years ago. She is a doctor now. I have never been there before, but it’s a really charming little town. Mira and I ended up at some bars, that’s all I have to tell.
I saw sheep all over the landscape. Some of them escaped, when I stopped to take pictures, but one crowd came yelling at me! Actually those lovely guys in the picture. Read my story about Norway @ Marco Polo travel magazine soon.