… is one of the German states in the east part of the country. I went there a couple of times to portrait some wonderful people along the “Rennsteig”, a very beautiful hiking trail and also the main topic of one of the articles for Thüringen Magazin 2015. I met Heu-Heinrich, a young guy who makes in hay. And Peter Arends, a really funny and entertaining man, who runs a hostel for hikers in Eisenach, guides people to the most wonderful scenic places in the forests and also acts at the “Kerkertheater” right next to his hostel. Rita Worm showed me how they still produce glas in the traditional way in Lauscha. Also I had the chance to portrait Christian Hempfe – chef of the renowned SCALA in Jena – for a culinary story. You can see some pictures here or order the magazine for free.