When I first started my new job, I pretty much spent most of the first month in the office before actually starting with taking pictures and videos. I interviewed many awesome people. I started in Hamburg. Wolfang, the taxi driver, knows his city very well and is such a sweetheart. Rikka runs the “Kogge“, a small Hotel in the St. Pauli area, which is actually a rock’n’roll hotel and if you like punk rock you should check out the bar. In february I was sent to Oberhof in the east of Germany to join a beginners class for biathlon. I can tell you, that I’ve never been freezing that much before. They had -20 degrees Celsius and a lot of snow. I was actually pretty good at shooting.

In march I visited Switzerland for a supplement in DIE ZEIT, one of the biggest German newspapers. My co worker Raik and I stayed at some fancy hotels and to be honest I cannot believe how people can spend so much money on a hotel room and a dinner. It is crazy.  Graubünden is a very lovely part of Switzerland though and if you like the mountains and fresh air, you should go there visit. I had the chance to swim in the fancy last hotel we stayed at, which is called “Hotel Therme” that has a great outdoor swimming pool with a wonderful mountain view. In April I headed over to Turkey for image videos of hotels. I love Turkish people, Turkish cuisine and of course the nice weather. I spent most of the time in Side and Antalya. Being back in Germany, I had to travel to Frankfurt for a city guide. That was awesome, because I have friends in Frankfurt and I could combine work and meeting up with them. In Germany, we are lucky to have at least 25 days of paid vacation, so I went on holiday. I had an amazing time in the US, starting in New York for a couple of days and heading over to the west coast to see lovely California for the first time. I liked Santa Cruz and San Francisco best and made some awesome new friends out there.  I really hope being able to get there again super soon. California über alles, cheers!