The first punk bands I was listening to were all from California. One of the reasons, I always wanted to go there. In 2011 I spent some time in New York, fucking New York! and New Jersey and really loved the east coast. But I needed to see the west coast too. I made a friend in NY who lives in Santa Cruz so I went there first. But before heading over to the west coast I got to NY again and met up with a friend of mine. We spent four beautiful days together, I got a tattoo at Magic Cobra Tattoo Society in Brooklyn and hung out with my awesome host Garon again. We said goodbye and I hopped on the plane to San José. My friend picked me up from the airport and got me some super tasty vegan food. It was already dark when we arrived in Santa Cruz, but it was the perfect time for visiting the pier and the sea lions for the first time. I love almost every animal, but sea lions are the best! Santa Cruz is a lovely place to stay with high life quality. But to be honest, I spent most of my time with the sea lions and the seagulls, trying to videotape all of them.  
One fact, I was not aware of before I came to Santa Cruz is, that the movie “Lost Boys” was partially made there.
I went to the arcade and watched the sunset from the “Lost Boys Bridge” how Santa Cruz people call it. Actually I found out, that this is not the spot where they filmed one of the most popular scenes of the movie. Anyway. I left Santa Cruz a few days later for visiting Oakland and San Francisco. I stayed at a beautiful house with awesome people in Oakland. And a cute cat- Gizzard, who loved sharing the couch with me during the nights. I had the most amazing cupcake of my life and more tasty vegan food in San Francisco. I am addicted to “Drumsticks”, soy-based chicken wings. In San Francisco you can get them in almost every Chinese restaurant. 
I made another great friend in Oakland while wandering through the streets, looking for Oakland’s old city center. Hannah was sitting on her boyfriend’s front porch when I passed by and started talking to me. We ended up at some bars and a burlesque show where people were dressed like crazy cartoon characters like Wonder Woman and Darth Vader. 
Next day Hannah showed me San Francisco, where she lives. I saw the “Mission” – a hip area with wonderful “Dolores Park” and a nice flair. We bought some funny masks in a crazy store and ask people in the park to wear them and tell us the story of “Gwen” and “Chase Ricardo”. All of them did it very well. And also – all of them joined! I need to try this in Germany too – I have my doubts it will work out as well though! I went back to Oakland to see “The Avengers” – a really old punk band – who played a show with awesome “The Bananas” at New Parish. I spent the last days in San Francisco with Hannah and another new friend I’ve made at the show. Mike came to San Francisco to work there for a few months and shared this fancy apartment with his boss. It was located super close to Fisherman’s Wharf and had a hot tub and a sauna in the basement. That was really awesome! Every night the same nice Asian guy was reading his book there.

It happened to be 75th Golden Gate Bridge Anniversary and we watched the fireworks from Fort Mason Park before we went to a bar that was actually a mixture between an Irish Pub and an Indian Diner with crazy people. There was this couple who entered the bar with a Savannah cat on a pink leash named Johnny. 
Poor Johnny had to say hi to everyone but calmed down when he sat down on my lap. I cannot believe people like this exist, but obviously they do! I visited de Young museum showing Jean-Paul Gaultier fashion, the Jewish Museum of Contemporary Art and last but not least San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, where Juliana – one of my new Oakland friends – works. And I visited Occupy San Francisco videotaping interviews with the Occupy people. We had some great conversations and I was shocked hearing about the police repressions at first hand. I met more awesome new people and want to go back as soon as possible. California rules!