When I got to know her, Majorcan-born Catalina was living together with 120 dogs in a small finca between San Lorenzo and Son Servera in the east of Majorca, giving them shelter and trying to find new better homes for them. She found them everywhere on the streets and people from different organizations brought her animals, they rescued from so-called “Perreras”, where they kill the animals, nobody picks up for more than three weeks. It’s really bad – they want to keep the island “clean” for all those tourists. But the worst thing is the law. Spain didn’t even have an animal protection law before 2003 and I got the impression it’s still on the people’s minds, that animals are things and not living beings. You can buy them (or even get them for free) on the markets almost everywhere, although it’s prohibited by law now. Often people get a dog to protect their fincas against robbers, tie the dogs somewhere and forget about them until they come back some weeks later. The poor dogs die with thirst, of course. And it can be even worse. Some people shoot at dogs, because they think it’s funny, beat them, or even rape them. It’s so heartbreaking to see all those maltreated dogs. Still, they would do everything for a little human love. Catalinas current situation: The government closed the shelter and she is not allowed to keep more than six dogs anymore.